Founded in Paris in 1960 our company specializes in artistic lighting.
We have an outstanding record in several areas; first of all, both interior and exterior, lighting for large town and country houses and luxury hotels.

We can create your own personnal atmosphere and bring out the best in your most precious works of art. One of our specialities is the restoration of old lighting, including complete dismartling, refurbishment
and reinstallation. We garantee to restore your chandeliers and table lamp to their original condition.

Our antique dealer customers also use our services for lighting period furniture, old master pieces
and other works of art exhibited in their galleries or antique fairs.

Whatever the place or object, we will devise best possible means of illumination.

It is our business to provide customized lighting for every particular situation.

We make all the necessary equipment wich we then install and maintain.
We operate worldwide.

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